About me.

Unconsciously, I think, I watch a look,
an expression of traits or nostalgia
can summarize or rather reveal a life.
Steve McCurry, photographer

Photographer / Graphic Designer

guy h.

Graduate Graphic Designer • ECAL
Ecole Cantonale d’Art of Lausanne • Switzerland.

Tireless traveler and photographer for many years, mainly in Asia,
Central America and South America. Looking for the understanding
of humanity in all its diversity.

photospicy.com is born in 2016 to share a photo with spicy scents
from elsewhere, sometimes exotic, hot, itchy, mind and seeks
to change the way that door there by focusing on what we do not look,
not seen or that we prefer to ignore.

Photospicy.com, a taste from elsewhere.

The taste also is the taste of travel and “photographic story”
trying to bring a different perspective on the places visited,
taking sometimes distant paths unknown unfrequented or unsavory.
This is also the motivation to share pictures by overcoming
market constraints and winning in authenticity and in truth.


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